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shaune w
Feb 23, 2024
In Share Your Memory
Coral was more than a friend to me. She truly was a sister from another mother! We bought our first Vitamixes together. We oohed and ahhed over Florentine leather and good chocolate. She taught me how to make patties and what it means to "wind it up." We sat together as Caleb took his first steps waddling between grammy and gibby and cooed over Naomi like she was the best baby in the entire world. And to us, she was. She was a mother to my daughter when I couldn't be there and she along with her dear husband raised an honorable, respectful, God fearing young man that I am pleased to say I can completely trust with my daughter and grand-children. More than anything, Coral taught me what it truly means to trust God with your life, at your core. This last leg of her journey on earth was grueling for her and we who loved her. She cried but her faith was stronger. She moaned but her trust grew louder. She thanked God for the cancer and pain which amazed me initially but, I grew to understand and praise God with her. She was a faithful servant and a witness like none I have seen and her trial has strengthened my faith in a way I find hard to explain. Dear Coral. She will be missed. To God be the Glory.
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shaune w

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